Voltage data extraction in Workbench

Hello everyone,

I am working with a Transient-Structural and Fluid flow Fluent simulation with a Piezo-MEMS extension. My main problem is I'm having trouble processing the results. My model is a liquid layer against a solid steel bar with a piezoelectric receiver. A force is transmitted through the liquid layer to produce acoustic waves in the liquid which are transmitted to the steel. The piezo receiver converts the ultrasound to voltage. This is the workbench setup:

My desired output is voltage and time. I have run the system coupling for this simulation and it completed as shown:

Once the coupling has run, I get a number of results files and my computer has no program that can read them (DAT, GEO, TIME, and ENC files). Does anyone know how I can get the voltage and time data from the PiezoMEMS extension? Thank you for your time and help.

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