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Hello everyone,

I have a problem about my model. I attached my model as ansys picture from static analysis to show you my contact region. There are a I beam and a bracket, I try to add or simulate them by using rivets like this.

The problem is that I want to see crack growth and stress intensity factor etc on the model.

It is possible to calculate stress intensity factor but when I need to see crack growth on my model which is mode I, program(SMART crack growth) does not allow two part to analyze (I beam and bracket are two parts.)

When I add them together by using boolean or new part options of design modeler. It is not possible to add contacts a body because it is one part body and I am not able to make models of rivets and contact between two elements. If I do not add my contact information on my model, it is acting like an one part body and stress values are decreasing too much.

I am curious about that, is it possible to add my connections(contacts) on my model and see how to crack propagates on this stress distribution regions? Or are there any other ways to see crack growth on my model?

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