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I am following the CHARGE100 example to create a PN diode. After creating the simulation region, I add the charge solver and click the PARTITION button. This shows me the different domains in the simulation (as shown below).

But what I notice is that instead Al-Aluminium- CRC, for domains 1 and 3 it is showing new material (screenshot from the video shown below).

Can anyone help me to solve this problem or tell me whether it will affect the simulations in any way?

Thank You


  • kghaffarikghaffari Posts: 103Ansys Employee


    Thank you for reaching out. Here, “new material” indicates the name of the material created from material database and chosen for your contacts. To change this to Al, make sure that it’s added from database and then selected in the object’s settings:

    Work function is the only electrical attribute defined for conductors. Therefore, if here the two materials have the same value, the simulation is not impacted by your choice of material.

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