MQW Edge Emitting Laser - How to add cladding and buffer layers?

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I am currently modelling MQW lasers based on the edge emitting laser example project. Am I able to add an upper, p-doped, and lower,n-doped, AlInAs cladding layer? In addition add a InP buffer layer between the substrate and quantum wells and InP, GaInAs highly doped p-contact layers?

Any guidence on how to add/change the above specifiactions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.



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    Thanks for reaching out. In this example, the layers you mentioned can be added in MODE which will be relevant for the optical properties such as confinement factor. To update the optical simulation you would need to manually adjust the project file and the associated script.

    In MQW the quantum well and immediate barriers will be relevant for your gain calculation. You’d notice in the existing example only these layers are added to the simulation; you can check this in the MQW solver object once the runMQW.lsf script is run.

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