Constrained rigid body still affected by gravity - WB LS-Dyna

Hello everyone,

I´m trying to simulate a impact. As you can see in the pictures the 6 bodies in the bottom are setted as constrained rigid bodies fixed at the 6 DOF but all the body still moves due to gravity including the constrained cubes. The connection between them and the "legs" is bonded. The legs and plate are rigid too but not constrained. The ball is flexible.


Is there any tool to join the bodies to the ground like in mechanical ?

Which tool could I use if I do not want to constrain all the body just the inferior part?

Should I use another type of connection apart from bonded between the legs and the coinstrained cubes?

About kinetic energy, constrained rigid bodies are afected by impact energy, in this case, of the ball?

Thanks in advance¡¡😃

Video attached:


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