Is Lumerical Device an older version of Lumerical Charge?

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Hi all,

I have access to the Lumerical Device module, but anytime I look up examples and documentation related to the Device module, pages about Charge pop up. From the Charge examples that I can find, it looks like it works in the same manner as Device, but I just want to clarify if this is the case?

Thanks in advance for any responses to this question.

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  • gsungsun Posts: 1,692Ansys Employee
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    Yes you are right. Lumerical DEVICE has been changed its name for several years. Please update your software as new CHARGE has many near features added and the meshing algorithm has been changed to better fit geometries.

    Now Finite Element GUI has solvers such as CHARGE, HEAR, DGTD, MQW etc.

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