Alternating inlet flow

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Good evening,

I am trying to make a simulation of a "flow rectifier" - a device that supposedly should alleviate the flow fluctuations generated by a piston pump operation and prove whether something like that is viable. In order to do so, I need to set the abovementioned fluctuations in an inlet boundary condition. What will be the easiest way to do so?

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    Thank you for your reply, I have considered such an option, but, sadly, the expression editor is a bit clunky. I tried inputting something like " 10+0.5*sin(0.5*Pi*t) ", but, sadly, I kept getting "wrong units"/"syntax error" notifications

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    Problem solved, forgot I had to "divide" by 1 second time in sin function. Thank you for your help

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    :) That catches a lot of people out. The expression editor has been evolving over the last few releases so the errors are fairly useful now. With UDFs we assume everything is SI (s, m, K etc) which can cause it's own problems at times.

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