Why my center of pressure is not on my aircraft

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I have a fluid regime around the left half of my aircraft (as a void within the fluid regime):

The aircraft is 1.5 m long and has a wingspan of 3 meter. I have moved the CG of the aircraft to the origin. But after I put the mesh through the Fluent, Fluent tells me that my center of pressure--at y = 0--is 2 m to the x direction and 35 m to the z direction. This is so far away from my aircraft that I have no idea how it happens. Could you help me solve this problem?


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    Once the mesh is imported in Fluent do you run a simulation before calculating the center of pressure? Is the solution of the simulation in Fluent fully and properly converged? Incorrect solutions could lead to this discrepancy.

    Another source of error could be in the set up for calculating the center of pressure. You can find an example on how to set up the panel for estimating the Center of Pressure in the Fluent User's Guide at: 36.5.1. Generating a Force, Moment, or Center of Pressure Report.

    Hope this helps

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    Could you help me see if this is properly converge?

    I used sst k-omega as my turbulence model

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