Unable to locate or start COM engine

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I am trying to use Maxwell on a supercomputer. When I use the following commands:

module load ansys/21.2

/home1/apps/ANSYS/2021R2/AnsysEM21.2/Linux64/ansysedt -UseElectronicsPPE -ng -BatchSolve "Maxwell2DDesign1:Optimetrics:ParametricSetup1" "/scratch/Test/TestSim.aedt"

I get the following error:

[error] Project:TestSim, Design:Maxwell2DDesign1 (Magnetostatic, XY), Unable to locate or start COM engine on 'c445-081' : no response from COM engine, timed out

An observation: on the supercomputer that I am trying to use, there is no AnsysEM module to load, but there is an Ansys module that I can load (loading the Ansys module doesn't seem to affect whether or not I get this error). When I have used other supercomputers, there has been a distinct AnsysEM module to load. However, I am not sure whether this is related to the error.


  • rjkosarirjkosari Posts: 49Forum Coordinator

    Hi mcg,

    1.. Please confirm the default tempdirectory is a location that your user has write access

    This location is specified in: /home1/apps/ANSYS/2021R2/AnsysEM21.2/Linux64/config/default.cfg

    It should be a fast (NVMe suggested), local storage on the server, and contain 1-2x amount system RAM free space.

    2.. try running with the following switches:

    /home1/apps/ANSYS/2021R2/AnsysEM21.2/Linux64/ansysedt -distributed -machinelist list=localhost:-1:4:90%:1 -auto -monitor -useelectronicsppe=1 -ng -batchoptions "" -BatchSolve "Maxwell2DDesign1:Optimetrics:ParametricSetup1" "/scratch/Test/TestSim.aedt"



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