Transient force on a damped rod

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I am using ANSYS Student 2021R2

I would like to find the vibration response of a long thin rod. It is fixed at one end. At the other end, an axial low-level force is acting along the axis of the rod. The rod is made of rubber and has a complex Young's modulus. I am interested in finding the response of the rod. A linear analysis is sufficient.

I did a harmonic analysis for a various values of the complex Young's modulus. The results, at various frequencies, are in good agreement with analytical results.

I did a transient analysis for several cases. No loss is included. The Young's modulus is real. In each case the force is sinusoidal with a specified frequency. The steady-state response of the rod is equal to that obtained using harmonic analysis for the no-loss case.

Next, I want to do a FULL transient analysis including loss. The force acts for a short duration. How should the complex Young's modulus be specified? I have read from various posts in the ANSYS forum that DMPSTR and DMPS can be used for FULL TRANSIENT ANALYSIS. However, I am unable to find a way to specify values for these. There are some youtube videos on how transient analysis is to be done when there is no loss.

Please help by showing me how to specify values of DMPSTR / DMPS or by indicating how the FULL TRANIENST ANALYSIS with DAMPING is to be done.

Thanks in anticipation



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