element coordinate system in reinforcing - does not work?


it seems like the shown element's coordinate system ESYS in elements - particularry solid185 - is not correct. These elements have all the same ESYS, the same SECN for defined REINF264 elements, but the direction of the reinforcing elements itself is different.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

thank You


  • DadojinDadojin Member
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    here it even shows graphically htat the ESYS is the same:

    shoud be the same also acording to ELIST command:

    BUt the direction of REINF elements is different in both cases. Both reinf elements however have the same SECN, where the direction is defined. So it should be the same, but it is not.

    When I change the ESYS of all solid185 elements (which I wish to reinforce) to a different one - and use the same defined direction for REINF264 elements for all these elements - it simply does not work and make a lot of mess:

  • DadojinDadojin Member
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    I would be very gratefull if anyone could help to solve this problem, thanks

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    I see my old question here... so I will answer myself:


    this way it depends on the element definition in the given order of nodes - i j k l m n o p - not the coordinate system.

    Much better way (not to mess up with elements) is to use mesh independent method of reinforcing

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