Ansys HFSS Electromagnetics Simulation Out of Memory

Good Afternoon,

I am running an antenna simulation much smaller than my typical simulation size (so I think), but I keep getting an error saying that I am running out of memory. 


I have attached images for all the information I deemed pertinent for troubleshooting this issue.

If anyone could assist me in solving this issue, I would certainly appreciate it.



Kerry Johnson 




  • Peter SeranoPeter Serano Washington, DCMember
    edited November 2018

    Hi Kerry,


    What would be more helpful is the 'Profile' and 'Mesh Statistics' information which can be found by right clicking on 'Results' in the project tree and clicking 'Solution Data'. Can you please post this information?



  • kjohnson10kjohnson10 OhioMember
    edited November 2018

    I got my simulation to run by upping the number of cores allowable for the simulation.


    Aside from that, the only change I made was that I made my open region at the central frequency of my sweep. However, this drastically changed my results for the worse. is there a rule of thumb for implementing open regions for radiation boundaries?

  • Peter SeranoPeter Serano Washington, DCMember
    edited November 2018

    Hi Kerry,

    The radiation boundary should be at least lambda/2 away from any outer surface of your antenna (with lambda being based on the lowest frequency point in your sweep).

    Instead of using an open region, I would recommend creating a box defined as vacuum with equal dimensions 'rad_box_size' equal to [lambda (at lowest freq point) + max antenna dimension (from the origin)]. Then set the X, Y, and Z lengths of the box to 'rad_box_size' and center it at coordinate '-rad_box_size/2,-rad_box_size/2,-rad_box_size/2' so that the box is centered around the isocenter (where your antenna should be placed).

    After you make the box, press 'f' to go into face select mode and select all 6 faces of the box you just created and define the faces as a Radiation Boundary.

    You can also now setup a parametric sweep of the variable 'rad_box_size' and see how it effects your results. You should see the sweeps start to converge to the same result as you increase the size of the box towards lambda.


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