ESTECO Academy Microgrid Design Competition

pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USA Member Posts: 105

Heads up that ESTECO Academy have just announced their latest design challenge, the ESTECO Academy Microgrid Design Competition.

This has been organized by ESTECO Academic and Cummins. 

Watch the webinar and find out more about the engineering challenge.

This year’s challenge is to design the most cost and energy-efficient hybrid microgrid to supply energy to a Cummins campus in India. Kevin Brittain, MDO Group Leader at Cummins, gives all details on the optimization problem, where you have to consider how to deliver reliable energy utilizing internal combustion engines in generator sets, storage systems, and renewables. You will also learn about the software tools (including ANSYS software) available to team involved in the competition and tips to start designing the best hybrid micogrid with reduced overall costs and minimized CO2 emissions.

More details on the Microgrid Design Competition



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