Nonlinear Mechanical Physics Preference

I have a question regarding the proper use of the nonlinear mechanical physics preference in Workbench 19.1. Let's say I have a thin film on a substrate that I am analyzing. If the thin film is a linear elastic solid, and the substrate is a nonlinear elastic solid (hyperelastic), can I mesh the entire model using the nonlinear mechanical physics preference? Will that still accurately capture the behavior of the linear elastic material, or can nonlinear mechanical physics preference only be used for nonlinear materials?


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    Yes, You can just use Nonlinear Mechanical. This basically just changes the default mesh settings a bit. See here.

    I recommend it your case because the initial mesh will be similar for both parts, by capturing curvature etc.


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    The meshing preference can be set for nonlinear and be perfectly acceptable for linear materials. It just makes better shaped (and more) elements than would be required if this was a strictly linear model.


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