Access to ANSYS Student Release 18.0

For my academic requirements i need to install ANSYS 18.0 version but it seems i can only download 18.2 version. Is there any possibility for me to get 18.0 version of ANSYS?



  • pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USAMember
    edited September 2017

    Please check with Donley Hurd (ASU-SEMTE), we recently provided access to version 18.0 to the class at ASU via our channel partner PADT. 

    Please continue to encourage your professor and IT folks to upgrade to 18.2, as the product has evolved since 18.0 with enhancements such as the new online documentation.   

  • KannanKannan Member
    edited September 2017

    that's exactly the problem for me. If i have to use 18.2 version in my personal system and if the college continues to use 18.0 version then i can never use any of the college resources to cross check my answers. That's the only reason i need Ansys 18.0 


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