How to access the ANSYS Online Help

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Many posts on this  community link to pages in the ANSYS Product Online Help system. Here's an example post.

Links to the  ANSYS Product Online Help system will take you to the ANSYS Customer Portal login shown below:


Our student users aren't provided access to the ANSYS Customer Portal, but we do provide students with access to the ANSYS Online help from within the ANSYS Student products. This access bypasses the need to login into the Customer Portal when using the online Help from within the Student Product, but that path isn't taken when you click on a link in a post here. The workaround is as follows: 

1. From ANSYS Workbench, use the menu Help > ANSYS Workbench Help.  A browser window will open.

2. In the post that has a link to the ANSYS Online Help, Right Mouse Button on the link and select Copy Link Address,

3. Go to the browser window that opened in step 1 and Paste in the address bar and you get to the required page.


Many thanks to our moderator Peter Newman for this great tip. 


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