Running Explicit Dynamic problem on ANSYS APDL without using LS_DYNA

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I am wondering if anyone know If I can simulate free falling of a body using the Mechanical APDL without using the LS-DYNA.

I am in a process of simulating free falling of a body on the ground using the Mechanical APDL. This is considered as an explicit dynamic problem. But My license dose not cover the LS-DYNA solver. So I wanted to know if I have to buy this Solver or there is any other way to solve my problem without using the LS-DYNA!!!


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    Here's a good write-up on different options. You could do time transient analysis if plastic deformation is minimal & your time frame is small. Also check if you have access to Ansys Explicit STR or Autodyn if you want to do explicit dynamics.

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