Icepak Divergence


I am currently running a model in Icepak where the residuals diverge. It is a coldplate model with coolant flowing through the coldplate. The entire model has been brought in through SolidWorks, hence I have used multi-level meshing for all the non-conformal assemblies I have made. On running the solution, Fluent gives me a warning saying 'cell zone 16 is glycol while cell zone 50 is air.This will adversely affect your solution'. However, I'm unable to see the exact location where this is happening.

Could someone tell me how I go about debugging this error within Icepak? Is there anyway I can visually see where this cell zone '16' and cell zone '53' are?



  • satyasatya Member
    edited December 2018

    Hi upot2

    You can see zone locations in Icepak. 

    You can go to Model -> Show Objects by material and view the path of the coolant fluid. Then view the surface mesh of the enclosing tubing to see if there are any regions of bad mesh. Such kinds of errors/warnings pop up when the mesh on the tubing is coarse leading to the glycol meshing interacting with air mesh cells. 

    A careful visual inspection shall solve your problem.

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