segmentation fault error due to zero flow at porous jump boundary



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    Sir, we had a session w/ my professor and I will get back at you soon.
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    let me wrap it up:

    segmentation fault error that I kept receive while I was trying to solve my problem was due to failing assignment of contact regions in mesh in the process of  transfering the data to the setup section of ANSYS Fluent. I don't know how and why at sometimes these contact regions are defined well, sometimes not at all. So once I watched these tutorials, I noticed the failure:

    Following instructions from these tutorials(especially the first one) I managed to solve the error. I didn't need to define any other boundary layers between those packed beds including porous jump boundary. I don't have great knowledge about the implementations of ANSYS Fluent(keep learning) but once I tried "ADD FROZEN" method in the first link I shared, I just got rid of the error. 

    So, problem is solved. Thanks for the discussion.

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