How inductance is calculated

I am using Ansys electronics desktop 18.2 for a 3D transient magnetic analysis.  I have a coil with current excitation and aluminum conductors near the coil that have induced Eddy currents from the coil.  I would like to calculate the self inductance of the coil and the mutual inductance between the coil and aluminum.  

I have tried different methods to calculate the self inductance and each method gives me a different value.  When I check the box to calculate apparent inductance in the Design Settings I then see the inductance value that Ansys calculates for the self inductance of the coil.  I also divide the flux linkage by the current in the coil to calculate the self inductance.  The other calculation method I tried is to find the volume integral of the energy in the coil from the field calculator and divide that by the current in the coil and multiply by 2. I have not been able to find documentation on how the inductance matrix is calculating inductance so I am wondering what is the best method to find the self inductance?

I also don't know if the inductance matrix can be used to find mutual inductance between a coil and aluminum conductors.  To find the mutual inductance I wanted to use the volume integral of the energy in the field calculator.  However, since this calculation did not match the value generated from the inductance matrix, I am not sure if it is a valid method to calculate inductance.  

If someone has knowledge of the inductance matrix calculation or suggestions to calculate inductance between conductors I would really appreciate feedback. Thank you!


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