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I would like to open a project that I made in ANSYS 19.2 student version with ANSYS 17 but i receive an error similar to "This project has

been made with an older version and can't be opened".

How can I solve it?

If I write a FLUENT case I will be able to open the "new version" case with the "old version" software?


  • kkanadekkanade Posts: 3,298Forum Coordinator
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    yes, please write *.cas or *.cas.gz file from Fluent !9.2. You will be able to read it in Fluent R17.0

    Depending on the set up, you may need to redo some steps in set up in R17.0.

    Please use standalone Fluent. i.e. go to Windows Start Menu and type Fluent. Then open Fluent. 

    If this helps you, please mark it as 'is solution' to help others on forum.


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