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I need help for a problem i have with my result in Ansys Fluent 19.

Here is my model:

I have to study the velocity countour around a ventilated wall. I have an initial horizonal velocity of 18m/s on the left side of the domain but when i resolve with Fluent, the velocity in the upper zone near the roof is more than 40 m/s, which is wrong i guess?

Here are my boundary conditions:

1.Velocity inlet with V=18 m/s

2.pressure outlet with gauge pressure =0

3.pressure outlet with gauge pressure =0

4. symmetry

5.internal temperature 20 C

for the ground : heat flux=0

for other walls : coupled thermal conditions

And i activated energy equation+DO+k-epsylon RNG

Thank you in advance!!


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
    edited December 2018

    The result looks about right for the domain size and inlet conditions. 

    In 2d you've got (roughly) a 30% blockage to the flow, so air must divert around the object. Increase the domain height and also the upstream distance to give the flow chance to separate before it hits the object. You may also want to extend the model downstream to see how the flow behaves.  

    Read up on wind tunnel guidelines re blockage factor. 

  • abdurahmatyabdurahmaty Member
    edited December 2018

    Thank you a lot I will increase the domain size !

    I will read about it .

    Thanks .

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