ANSYS student 18.2 licensing

ANSYS  provide no license key for ANSYS student 18.2 that case what about the licensing , i mean don't i need to create  new variables?? Do i only need to install the setup??  


  • pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USAMember
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    We eliminated the need for separate license key and ENV variable at release 18.0 (onward). Just download, install and you are up and running:-)

    Please take a look at the installation steps on the download page, see here: 


  • PtrHunPtrHun Member
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    ink I'm having the same problem.

    I have no previous Ansys versions on my computer, my system clock is fine, I have no files with future dates.

    I don't know what to do. (I really need Ansys so I can progress on with my thesis.) Please help me.

    I attach the error messages:

  • vganorevganore Pune, IndiaAdmin
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    Looks like you are calling the workbench project. What kind out geometry file were you using previously?  

    Note that Client utility will not show you correct license status for student product even if licence is working fine. 

  • PtrHunPtrHun Member
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    Thank you for your reply!

    I always use DesignModeller, but many functions were missing as well, so I think it was the licensing.

    However, I realized I can download the 17.2 version for Ansys Student with manual licensing which solved the problem.

  • NireshBehariNireshBehari Member
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    Hi Vishal

    I am having an ANSYS Student 18.2 license problem, which I posted earlier the error I get is:

      Fail Over Feature Ansys Academic Teaching Introductory

      Specified in licensing feature is not available

      System clock has been set back

      Feature aa-t-i

    I had an earlier version of Ansys from Madrid university but ininstalled it. I then downloaded and also uninstalled Ansys ver 17.2 because of the problem above. Now I installed Ansys ver 18.2 and still have the same problem

    Please help



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  • pglpgl Portland, Oregon, USAMember
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    Niresh,  Sorry that you are running into this issue. I'm sure the forum will chime in to help. 

    I've deleted your duplicate posts, so that we can answer you question here and then reference it in one place. 

    Please avoid duplicate posts on different threads etc. For best attention start a new post.

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