User onupdate callback error: no potential outputs found

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I am working on integrating a Matlab script into Workbench using ACT. I first generate an executable file using Matlab and then using ACT to integrate it into Workbench. Everything goes well except some design points cannot be updated correctly. The error Message is "User onupdate callback error: no potential outputs found".

Would somebody helps me to find out what this error message mean?


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    Can you check the design point is physically meaningful? Ie whatever is being modelled can exist (layers have a finite thickness for example). 

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    Thank you for your reply!

    The Matlab script is a very easy one and I think it will always be meaningful. The script and project schematic are shown below:


    Matlab Script:

       function [x,y] = test(a,b)

       x = a+b;

       y = b*a;




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