obtaining pressure distribution by making points in ansys

VSK1989VSK1989 Member Posts: 12

Dear Team Ansys ,


Please let me know if I could make any pressure points or lines along the geometry surface .

I am looking for Cp coefficient of pressure distribution.


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  • Kevin ColburnKevin Colburn The Woodlands, TXPosts: 8Member
    edited January 2019

    If you have access to EnSight, this is a very easy process. You select the surface(s) that you'd like to inspect. You create a 1D clip through them (Clip via XYZ, or Plane, or any other tool). With the 1D Clip, you can query a variable along that 1D part. That could be Cp. 

    This will in effect create 1 point for each intersection of that clipping constraint with the elements of the surface parts. You will effectively automatically get 1 point each each edge of each element which is intersected.


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