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mstricksmstricks LUCKNOW (UTTAR PRADESH) INDIA Member Posts: 14


I am using a 32 inch screen for ANSYS Workbench but the font size is is very small. Can any guide me how to increase font size in ANSYS Workbench.

The software version is 19.2


  • RobRob UKPosts: 11,714Forum Coordinator
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    Are you using a 4k screen/graphics? ANSYS isn't set for that resolution (yet) which can make reading the icons a little difficult. 

  • mstricksmstricks LUCKNOW (UTTAR PRADESH) INDIAPosts: 26Member
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    Yes sir it is a 4k screen

  • RobRob UKPosts: 11,714Forum Coordinator
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    OK, unfortunately we don't have 4k compatibility at the moment so you may need to adjust the screen resolution. 

  • AK800AK800 EnglandPosts: 2Member
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    From start you could right click on Ansys Workbench then open file location. right click again of ansys workbench and go down to properties

    click on compatibility then go to Change high DPI settings 

    check program DPI, check the override scaling too and change it to System Enhanced. you also better use the DPI to be displayed when you use the program 

    you should then restart your pc. I am sure this should solve the problem, I encountered the same issue with my 4k screen and it is now resolved.

    you might also have to do the same procedure on Fluent, CFD post,,,,,etc 

    I hope this helps 




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