Difference results form the contour and the chart.

I am simulating flow in a pipe and constant uniform heat flux, I choose to module liquid (Fluid) without pipe(Hollow tube), When I calculate the temperature at the liquid surface using chart the values are different from what I have noticed on the contour. Also, I have used the probe at the values are similar to chart and different from the contour however the values on the contour is the correct one. 

The values on the contours are around 306.762 K toward the outlet as shown the following  figure 

and from the chart, it is around 295.5 as shown in the following figure 

The full project file is available on  the following link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1qnVJjSBAsOhjpc5VYB5EOYGq0Tdc5kqP


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