Time steps

When you set the number of time steps under the calculation tab, does this actually affect the simulation solution? I know time step size does, but how does setting the number of time steps influence the simulation?


  • jpasquerelljpasquerell Canonsburg, PAMember
    edited February 2019

    See this ANSYS help link:   help/wb_sim/ds_Apply_Loads_Supports_step.html   .  For a linear static analysis the only effect is how many solution are done for that load step.  For example if the end time is 1.0 and you do 2 load steps with ramped loads then you solve with half the load at time of .5 and then at full load at time of 1.0.  For a nonlinear or transient the loading is split in the same way but it affects convergence plus in a transient there are time dependent items such as velocity and acceleration. 

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    In Fluent the number of time steps determines how much time the model will simulate: ie you set a time step size and then solve a number of these steps. 

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