How can I renew ANSYS student version license?

kkanadekkanade Forum Coordinator Posts: 77

To renew ANSYS student version license without changing the version or performing a new installation, please use following steps. 

- Go to

Then download one of the following three packages available on this page

Discovery Live Student :


ANSYS Student : 


Note: Any package and any version that is currently available on the page is OK.


- Unzip the package that you just downloaded, then look for the folder named ‘student’

- In this ‘student’ folder, you will see WINX64.7z . Extract (‘unzip&rsquo this file

- Go inside the unzipped WINX64  -> Shared Files -> Licensing -> Here, you will see 'student.lic' file

 -Copy this 'student.lic' file to where ANSYS is currently installed on your machine default location to replace your old ‘student.lic’ file in your installation directory.



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