An Unknown error occurred during solution. Check the Solver Output.....


I  get this error "An unknown error occurred during solution.  Check the Solver Output on the Solution Information object for possible causes."

There is nothing inside the "solution information".  Thank you! Sam



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    In Details of Solution Information, switch Solution Output to Solver Output

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    Thank you AnPham!

    This is what i was able to find:

    *** FATAL ***                           CP =       0.172   TIME= 15:27:46
     The requested number of distributed-memory processes (4) exceeds the   
     number of physical processors that are available (2) on machine:       
     HOPE-FARESS.NMBS.SDI.LOCAL.  The use of virtual processors is not      
     recommended.  It is required that you use a maximum of 2               
     distributed-memory processes on this machine

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    Hi Sam,

    So, it looks like you only have a dual-core machine when hyper-threading is turned off (which is often the recommended way). You might want change that back to 2. i.e, in Solve Process Settings > Advanced > Max Number of utilized cores to 2. If that still doesn't help, turn off distributed solve.

    Sandeep Medikonda

  • zhwanzhwan Member
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    But how to change it?

  • DucNguyenDucNguyen Member
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    Hi SandeepMedikonda

    I tried your way. But it still error

    Is there any other way to fix it?

    thank you

  • sunhosunho Member


    During Trying A.C.P. i got error and warnings " An unkown error occured during solution". "one or more objects may have lost some scoping attachments during the geometry update."

    I check the solver output on the solution, but i don`t know how to check error. (How to check elemet **** and What is mean " ENORM)

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