FSI of transient structural and fluent, no "Co-Sim. Sequence" appearing in the coupling window

I am trying to do an FSI simulation when I go to the coupling window there is no "Co-Sim. Sequence" under the Execution control, I have seen "Co-Sim. Sequence" in all of the tutorials so I think this is the reason why my simulation is not working


  • RD2016RD2016 Member
    edited March 2019

    The reason for this is actually pretty simple; you are using System Coupling 2.0. If you click Execution Control in the Outline, it should list the coupling engine you are using.

    To see "Co-Sim. Sequence", set the engine to 1.0 and continue. A word of caution, though, ANSYS recently updated the software with System Coupling, and it might give you better performance. Check out the manual for more info.

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