Error while decomposing geometry in ICE.

hello there.
I am trying to simulate a simole ic engine i iCE workbench. And i am following tutorial available online on google and yotube too. But there is one problem that is occuring while decomposing the geometry. An error pops up "missing some cylinder/symmetry faces in the geometry". But i have selected all the cylinder fave and symmetry face.. Yesterday it was not giveing this error now this error poped out of no where for the same geometry. And i am too pissed of i have been trying to solve this error for more then 26 hours straight. And i couldn't find any solution anywhere on the Internet.

Help me solve this. Tell me step by step what to do. In detail please.

And allso tell me that the geometry required should be assembled or made in a part workbench. (valve and port body should be made separately and then assembled and then imported to the iCE geometry or should i make it in single part.)

Anyone here who know what the **** is wrong with this software. Everything is correct. And it even worked a night before. Now it dont.

And also. Last night when i decomposed it. It decomposed up sude down. And then when i try to go for solution it say "back flow" and gave error and nothing happened. What is wrong with this

Someone give a dam detailed steps to do this shit simulation i am soo irritated by this software it is not 1% user friendly.

All errors are like fucking mistry for beginners.

Help me through this. This software is beign shit at its best.
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