How to input enthalpy of formation for a reaction?

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Problem explanation:

I have few reactions happening. I wanted to define constant heat of formation/consumption of each reaction/enthalpy for each reaction. I have used specific heat UDF to define the cp for each material there h is a pointer to calculate enthalpy rt. so far i haven't changed it to any value as i need to input for a particular reaction not for each species. I know the heat of reaction is defined in Fluent as the sum over the components of formation enthalpy multiplied with the birth /decay rate of particular species

#include "udf.h"
DEFINE_SPECIFIC_HEAT(my_user_cp, T, Tref, h, yi)
real cp=2000.;
*h = cp*(T-Tref);
return cp;

Final intention:

If we define a reaction under species transport and give its reaction rate through UDF then fluent will automatically calculated the heat of formation/consumption rt as cp*ΔT for ideal gas....................................... so whats the solution for this?

I need to input a heat source term as (rate of each reaction *ΔH*...etc)W/m3.

I already have calculated data as constant ΔH values for each reaction. So if i add a source term for heat source it will be conceptually wrong it will considered itself and i am adding it as well.



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