Rotational Pin - Finite Analysis


I’m trying to run a finite element analysis model for a small mechanism with a hinge point, see image attached. I want to evaluate the stresses at each plate that are connected at the top when a force is applied. 

I am having trouble creating the joint where the plates are connected so it rotates about the pin, and creating restraints including the spring at the opposite end. I attached my ANSYS model for reference. If I can get guidance on how to do do each of these, that will be greatly appreciated.




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    Please insert your images into the post using the Insert Image button, but next time, please crop the whitespace.

    On the edge at the bottom right, do you mean that to be a cantilevered fixed edge, or for the edge to act like a pinned connection?  The same question for the bottom left edge. I expect you mean a single point connected to the edge is constrained in Y and Z, leaving the edge free to rotate. 

    In that case, you want each edge to have a Remote Displacement support.  The top connection of a hinge is done by inserting under the connections folder a Joint, type = Revolute.  After you make a Remote Displacement on the left edge, RMB on that and Promote to Remote Point.  Then you can add a spring to ground on that Remote Point.

    If Remote Displacements are used, each arm acts as a link and has no bending. That model can be solved with a hand calculation.

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