System Coupling

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I`m a begginer with Ansys-Fluent so I need some help. I want to study flutter condition of an airfoil with Ansys, so I want to do a 2-way FSI with System Coupling. I have done the transient structural module and the fluid flow one, but when I connect both setups with the system coupling one, there is no participants in it. 

I have the free student version, and I know that system coupling module needs Academic version to work so I have already change the license preferences to Ansys Academic Introductory into the firts place, with `Share a single license between applications when possible'

The error that appear saysDP 0) The Setup component in Fluid Flow (Fluent) requires user input before it can be updated. For instructions on how to address the cell in its current state, click the blue triangle in the lower right corner of the cell in the Project Schematic. .


Can anyone help me please? Thank you.


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