Acousitic simulation for sandwich structure- Sound Transmission Loss Calculation

Hello all,

I recently need to calculaiton the STL (Sound transmission loss) for a sandwich plate which was made of three layers- 1 mm aluminum +30 mm honeycomb core + 1 mm aluminum.


I did find some reference materials, but still can't find an effective way to model such structural for acoustic simulation.

I tried to model the structure using solid elements with the core defined as orthogonal material. The STL results can't match with the tested value.And also for the situation of the core for other mateirals ( like PU), the calculation STL value also can't match with the tested value. 

For singel plate, the calculated STL value can match with the tested value through tuning the damping factor to a certain value.

And also for usually used core material, like stainless steel/ aluminum honeycomb core, the damping factor is not easy to define. Could you guys who has experience on this provide some clue. The modeling method, or better estimation method on the damping factor for such core material ?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Felix Zhang




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