Hourglass control

How much Hourglass stiffness factor (HGSTF) to use for Uniform Reduced Integration for an elastomer (Rubber)? Since I am using an incompressible material, Uniform Reduced Integration would be better approach in terms of time and efficiency, right?



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    This is a hard question to answer and depends on the application and the hourglass formulation. Start with a small value and test a few cases. Overall, whatever the value you use it should be less than 5-10% of the artificial energy. Useful Blog.


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    According to the blog, Artificial energy (AENE) should be less than 5% of SENE but it can be checked only in post-processing. How is Hourglass Stiffness factor related to these energies?  Is it the ratio of AENE to SENE? 
    I know it is used to introduced to increase the stiffness so that hourglass modes can be prevented but how is it quantified in pre-processing phase?

    Thanks in advance!!
    Shiv Prakash

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