SpaceClaim Does Not Recognise Parameters After Reopening

adamkovacs12adamkovacs12 Member Posts: 2

Hi everyone,

I am using the 18.1 version of ANSYS Workbench and I am trying to set up a parametric study. For this, I create the necessary parameter in SpaceClaim and call it in a script to make the necessary changes in geometry as it can be seen on the following picture:

However, after closing SpaceClaim and opening the geometry again, when I try to run the given script I get the following error as it could not see Parameter1 anymore:

If I create a new Parameter in this session, it can see only that one:

Does anyone have an idea what can be the problem and how it could be avoided? I had no issue with this on 19.1 Student but I need to use the university computers for my project and it only has this version...

Thank you very much for the help in advance,

Kind regards,



EDIT: I realised the error message cannot really be seen, it says:

" Parameters instance has no attribute 'Parameter1' "


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