Design Points - losing report.xml files when updating design points


I have been spending a fair amount of time using design points to carry out mesh independence studies. I find them useful except for one very frustrating issue.

I work both at university and at home. I originally created the workbench project at home on my personal laptop. Using my personal system requires me to connect to the university network via a VPN in order for ANSYS to pick up a license file. When I work from home, the design points work fine, and I get the report images (which include some useful mesh independence study images for quick comparison) in the design points table. However, when I take the files and paste them on my university computer, upon updating the design points, I lose the generated Report.xml file in the [project_files]\dp0\Post\Post\Report directory. I also have noticed that on the university system, when I untick and tick the "publish report" option in the properties box of the results component in workbench, I get the same error saying "cannot find report.xml, however on my personal system, this works and publishes the report with no problems.

I would appreciate some insight as to why workbench is behaving differently on different systems.




I have created a new project on my university computer, and still, get the error stating that report.xml is missing. Both systems (home and university) run ANSYS 19.1.

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