Solving 3D Maxwell with Temperature Feedback from Steady State Thermal

Hi student community,

I've been having trouble getting Maxwell to actually use temperature data that is exported from a coupled thermal model in its solution. For context, I'm modeling a cylindrical metal rod as it gets heated by an induction coil.

My setup is this: A 3D Maxwell model is coupled to a Steady State Thermal model via an imported load, then the solution data of the thermal model is set to "export after solving." In the Maxwell model, both "temperature dependent" and "enable feedback" are enabled for the metal rod. 

My problem is that despite getting confirmation that the temperature results of the thermal model are successfully exported after it solves, when I try to re-solve the Maxwell solution, it still doesn't use the feedback temperature and instead just uses its default 22 degrees Celsius. I've followed all of the steps that I see in this 2-Way Coupling presentation that I found, which I have attached to this post, but I'm still having this problem in the very last step. Any help would be very much appreciated!


  • mchristimchristi PennsylvaniaMember
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    Be sure that you have temperature dependent materials setup in Maxwell material properties (such as temp dependent conductivity for copper).

    Also, in Workbench SS Thermal, be sure to enable Imported Load.  See WB cell (A4) below.

    After 'Updating Project' in WB, both the Maxwell Profile and WB message window should indicate that temperatures have been exported back to Maxwell.

    e "Export After Solve" = YES under the 

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    when i click on imported load ,export results doesn't appear how can i set export option in order to export results back to ansys maxwell?


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