Plotting torque as a function of position for SRM



I am a beginner with the Maxwell software and I have been watching some tutorials. However, I am having difficulty finding tutorials on rotating the rotor of an SRM with an assumed constant current to see how the torque varies with rotor position. 

From what I understand it seems to fall under the Magnetostatic solution type since it has a torque output function, but how do I rotate the rotor of the motor automatically? I dont want to manually rotate the rotor every time...


Thanks! I hope I havent overlooked this in the forums.


  • Mark SolvesonMark Solveson United StatesMember
    edited April 2019

    You can select the Rotor and assign it a Move or Rotate command.  (select the rotor, Edit -> Arrange -> Rotate). 

    When assigning the value of the rotation, you can assign it a numerical value or instead assign it as a character string, and Maxwell will recognize this as a variable. 

    When finished, you can see this Rotate command in the object history tree, as well as its assigned variable and value.  If you click on the Design name in the Project Manager window, the Properties window will also show the variable, from where you can easily assign new values.  

    In the Optimetrics -> Add Parametric...  dialog, you can assign a parametric sweep of variables that are defined.   

  • ramonlsantosramonlsantos Member
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    Holy crap thanks! This is exactly what I am looking for.

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