Force as result?


maybe a simple question; I as a Ansys beginner was curios about: Under solution in a static - structural modell, I can get e.g deformations or various types of stresses. In other words: I can tell Ansys the forces, supports, displacements,... of my problem and Ansys calculates e.g.  the deformation for me. My question is: Could it also work the other way around? E.g. I tell Ansys, that for a beam I want to get a certain deformation of my beam at position xy and I ask Ansys "What load has to be applied on a certain edge or surface to get such a deformation at this specific point?"


Or, as an alternative: When I have two bodies in contact and I give a displacement on a surface on one of the bodies, there will be a deformation and an equilibrium state in static structural, where the sum of forces is 0. Can I extract somewhere the force, that body A exerts on body B?




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