I am trying to solve the nonlinear analysis in ansys student software(18.2). When I use commands to extract element stiffness matrix, I encounter with, " An unknown error occurred during solution. Check the Solver output on the solution information object for possible causes". This message is constantly displayed. When I have checked the solution information, it doesn't show any errors. But in the solution tab in the information section, it shows " solve required". Does this means something? I am attaching the screenshot of the same for the reference. Please look after the issue.


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    Please show the solver ouput from the solution information object.  From your screen shot MAPDL was open for 21 seconds so there should be more information in the solution output.



  • ShravistaShravista Member
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    ok, here is the solve.out file.solve.txt

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    Can you please search for errors in the solve.txt and post a snapshot?

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    I have searched for the error before posting it here. That is what the problem I am encountered with during solving, stating that an unknown error has occurred and please check the solution output. But, there are no errors in that file. 

    What I am actually trying to do is to extract element stiffness matrix from the WORKBENCH using commands. I am again trying to solve it in the ansys 19 R1. Hope to see the results soon.

    These are the commands I am trying to use....








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