Force applied on multiple faces are equally distributed or not

ChandraChandra TorontoMember

Hello everyone,

I am working on a model, where in multiple faces are present on that object.

Assumption :

I am applying force of 8000lbf onto the object having selected two faces. Does 8000lbf is equally distributed between those two faces or each face is applied 8000lbf.

Would appreciate, if you help me to clarify .




  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    The force is distributed by the area of each face. So if the two faces have the same area, then the force is equal, but if one face has a larger area, that face will get more of the total force in proportion to the area.

  • ChandraChandra TorontoMember
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    Thanks Peteroznewman for your response.

    It really helped me out. Thanks.


  • jj77jj77 Member
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    Actually apdl which is the core (solver,..) of wb, will apply your force as an equivalent pressure, and thus as Peter means it will be sort of that the force in each face will be different if they have different areas since: Pressure/Face_Area.

    Normally in structural engineering the pressure (wind load, snow load,..) is known and hence we apply a pressure, and that is anyhow what ansys does also, converts your force to pressure.





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