Error when generating geometry

I conduct a model in 3ds max with stl  format.It goes well with ansys 15.0 but cannot generate the  geometry when use ANSYS18.2.Some messages as follow;

No compatible interface found for this file type

Geometry Interface not found.

Attach failed.

OK,it can open with spaceclaim.but the dimension is changed.

I don't know where is wrong with my operationand confoused  why is the dimension is changed and how to solve it.Is there something wrong with the lisence or just  install cad configuration manager as the website noted(I have try .It doesn't work)

Can you give me some advice,I really need your help.


zhizhuothe dimension is not real size


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    Please zip the STL file and attach the zip file to your post so I can try bringing it into SpaceClaim.

    I know ANSYS sells a license for SpaceClaim to work with STL data. You can ask for a demo license from your reseller.

    Can 3ds max write the geometry in another format such as Parasolid or STEP?

  • zhizhuozhizhuo Member
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    other format does not suit well,such as dwg.ANSYS can't open it.

  • zhizhuozhizhuo Member
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    It can open with spacecliam but its dimension is not real.The problem is the designmodeler cannot work when you attempt to generate the model.I am confoused at how to change the dimension .Is something error with the lisence.Should I reinstall the ANSYS 15.0.hardwork..........

  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    I can't investigate why the dimension changed if you don't provide an STL file.

    It is simple to scale the solid model to make it the size it is supposed to be.
    If you use the online help in SpaceClaim, you will find this:

  • zhizhuozhizhuo Member
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    thank you for your quick reply.I try to unload the file while it failed maybe for the worsecampus network.I am sorry for that.

    The file is as follow.Look forward for your reply


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    I imported the STL file into SpaceClaim 18.2, setting the import units to mm and got this result: a 20 x 16 mm object. What are the "correct" dimensions?

    What units are you working in with 3ds max?

    Can you export the STL file in ascii instead of binary? That way you can read what is in the file.

    I see that in a Static Structural block, the Model will not refresh because there is a ? on Geometry. I don't know why, but I have a workaround.

    1) Open the STL file in SpaceClaim (and scale to correct size)

    2) Save As Parasolid File

    3) Create a new Static Structural block

    4) Start Design Modeler, click File, Import External Geometry File... and select the Parasolid file.

    The result will be a sheet body that Mechanical can mesh.

  • zhizhuozhizhuo Member
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       I appreciate for your kindly help.I  have  solved the problem.It iis my fault that i am not farmililar  with SCDM.Just  scale the model in SCDM.  So easy  when I finished.HA HA .Thank you again.

    By the way ,do you know something about how to make full use of the computer Configuration.My computer is 20 cores.


    I wonder how to make full use of it.and  i need do the dynamic explict   in ansys.The analysis type is 2D plain strain.It is time -consuming when the number of meshing grid is up to 10 thousand.Sorry for my poor English,I hope I make myself clear


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    Does your computer have 20 cores or 10 cores with 2 threads on each core? The Task Manager will show twice as many CPU usage bars as there are physical cores if hyperthreading is enabled. I disabled hyperthreading on my 16 core machine. ANSYS will only use one thread per core and if you look in the solve.out file, it will tell you how many physical cores it can detect.

    ANSYS solver licenses come with the ability to run on 2 cores.

    If you want to solve on more cores, you need to have an HPC license (except the Student license has HPC built-in). These licenses are expensive! To find out if you have an HPC license start the following program:

    In the text window, look for anshpc:

    Users of anshpc:  (Total of 16 licenses issued;  Total of 6 licenses in use)

    You can see that we have 16 available and someone is using 6 right now, which means he is running a job with 8 cores, since you get 2 cores from the solver license. If I had a 20 core machine, I could only run on 18 cores with this license.  Since I have a 16 core machine, I can use 14 HPC licenses to run on 16 cores, leaving 2 HPC licenses. Someone else could run a 4 core job with the remaining HPC licenses on a second solver license.

    I have found that my structural problems don't scale well. That means when I go from 2 to 4 cores, the solve time is reduced by a factor of 1.8 but when I go from 4 cores to 8 cores, the reduction factor is only 1.4 and going from 8 to 16 cores the reduction is only 1.1 so I generally don't take the last 10% and instead run on 8 cores and often start a second job on 8 cores. This gets me a reduction factor of 2 for the 2 jobs that run simultaneously.


    In Mechanical, Solve Process Settings, click Advanced and type in how many cores you want to use.

    If you also use My Computer, Background, you have to select that and click Advanced to set cores for a background solve.



    Have you tried to solve using Transient Dynamics?

    Why do you need to use Explicit Dynamics?



  • zhizhuozhizhuo Member
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    what do you mean hpc lisence?I think I don't have it .I don't know how to  runa job with 8 cores or more,what  2 threads on each core ?embarrassed...........

    While it  is knowed that autodyn  can't run with  Parallel Computing,I know how to set up more cores,just like  you show above.

    I mean when you do explict dynamic in ANSYS, its solver is AUTODYN. So how to improve the computing speed  considering that I have set up more cores.espceilally  in 2D problem which cannot  use Parallel Computing.

    I investigate the problem about  quasi static by consistant  velocity .It is more suitable to choose EXPLICIT DYNAMICS rather  TRANSIENT DYNAMICS





  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
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    So did you see your list of available licenses?  Was hpc on the list?

    I ran a 3D model in AUTODYN and it ran on multiple cores in parallel. But I built a 2D model and learned that parallel processing is not supported.

    I will answer the question on how to improve computing speed of explicit dynamics in your other discussion.



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