fail to perform unite boolean opeation and create enclosure using imported SolidWorks CAD Model

Currently I am working on a project that needs to generate a fluid flow simulation on a cyclist riding a bicycle. I have created the CAD model in SolidWorks. I then went to ANSYS 16.1 and imported the assembly file. After clicking the generation button, it seemed the model was successfully imported (with a green tick next to "import"). Since I was doing the external flow simulation, I need to create a fluid domain, and hence I tried to unite the bodies together first (I am not sure if unite is actually needed), the unite boolean operation came with a warning:


Warning: No overlap or wrong types

Context: Geometry Engine, while generating Feature Boolean 1.


However, since there is a cyclist in my model, and I need to make different configuration of different postures, I must need to use assembly by joining different body parts, and thus there must be overlapping between the body parts.

I tried to continued to generate enclosure, and also tried to delete the Untied Boolean Operation and generate enclosure, but both resulted in failure of creating the enclosure.

May I know what would be the possible fix of this issue? Thanks in Advanced!

I have attached the zip of SolidWorks Model (2018version), as well as the .agdb file (just imported, no boolean and enclosure) in case you could not open SolidWorks.



  • TaeioumTaeioum Member
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    It seems that I could not upload the zip file, I would put down a dropbox link instead:

  • kkanadekkanade Forum Coordinator
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    as ansys employees we can not download attachments. please insert images. 

    please upgrade to r19.2. we support only two previous versions. 

    please go to tools - analysis tools - fault detection and check if geometry has any errors. if it has any errors then it may fail in boolean oeprations. 

    please remove errors and try again.

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    Thanks for your reply. I am sorry that I didn't know the rule that employees cannot download attachments. 

    I afraid that r19.2 may not be available for me, since 16.1 is the only version that my school has a license of. 

    Nonetheless, I would post the images of my model. Please Help me if you are available.

    1. My model in SolidWorks:


    2. Model imported in ANSYS:


    When I tried to unite all bodies, warning occurred. It occurred in between pedal and feet. These are the image of the problematic geometry (only one location is shown):


    Also, another problematic geometry appeared when I attempted to unite the calf, thigh and body. It occurred at the joint between body and thigh.

    The Unite boolean operation:


    Problematic Geometry (again, several images for only one position):


    I hide other irrelevant bodies:


    Please see if you could help. Thanks a lot.

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator
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    You probably have a small gap between the bodies. Can you do the unite & enclosure part in Solidworks (if you're more familiar with that tool) and then read the fluid volume into DM from there? 

  • TaeioumTaeioum Member
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    Thanks for your advance. It seems that let SolidWorks to do the job is a better approach than using DesignModeler in ANSYS. I will take this. Thanks a lot.

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