HELP - ERROR - ANSYS FLUENT R1 - Update failed for mesh component in Fluid Flow (Fluent)

Hi All, 


Been trying to do my dissertation, and to say the least it has been unsuccessful due to Ansys issues. 

-When trying to use Ansys Fluent, I have imported a .IGS file into designmoduler, and it successfully manages to update. 

-Importing it into the designmoduler to create a Mesh, I run into problems. 

1) I cannot use the drop menu when I right click anywhere. For example, I cannot select named selection, when I right click, as that button will not function. The same goes for multiple different buttons, such as when I right click mesh and select Generate.  

2) When the setup is default, and nothing has been changed, no named selections etc. the mesh will not generate, and an error message appears:

"Update failed for the Mesh component in Fluid Flow (Fluent). Error updating cell Mesh in system Fluid Flow (Fluent). View the messages in the Meshing editor for more details"

The error message within the Meshing Editor: 

"The mesh generation did not complete due to poor quality elements or incorrect input. Please try meshing with another mesh method or different mesh options" 


I have deleted all system files, or anything mentioning Ansys using Regedit, and Windows Explorer, Uninstalled the program and reinstalled. 

I am still having this issue. 

I have also used the exact same method on a different machine with an identical setup, and a mesh can generate. 

I have had a lecturer do the same thing to try and see if it was an error I was doing. This is not the case. 



Any Suggestions on a solution to my problem?

Looking for an old version of Ansys to possibly download as R1 is not working. 



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