Increasing RAM

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Hi, I've a simple question. I was going to increase my laptop's ram from 8gb to 16gb. Just wanted to ask if it will save the solution time directly (i.e. by just plugging in ram ... for structural & cfd) or do I have to 'setup' some 'parameters' manually in order to get best optimized output from the system. Thanks.

Laptop: Hp pavilion 5th gen, ci7 (2.4), 8gb, 1Tb, 2gb Nvidia 840M


  • peteroznewmanpeteroznewman Member
    edited April 2019

    No setup in ANSYS is required after you plug in more RAM.

    I can answer for Structural models.  If the solver only needed 4 GB of ram to solve the model, then changing from 8GB to 16GB will have no effect on the solution time.  If you are on the Student license, the solver will not solve large models, so you might not get to the point of needing more than 8GB.

    If you are on a full license, look at the largest model you have.  If you use the Direct solver, in the Solution Information folder, you can search the Solution Output for the Memory report. It will tell you how much RAM it needed to solve. If it solved incore, then you had enough RAM.  If it had to solve out-of-core, then adding RAM will reduce the solve time.

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