Decrease result file size in Transient simulation

Dear all,

I had benn creating a transient simulation with usage of a line body geometry. I have 2305 nodes and 1152 element in my mesh. I have 5 load steps in my analysis and the whole simulation time is 75 s. There is one load step which is very dynamic process, load like dirac-delta on one node of the line body. I would like to check response and damping properties of the body.

Until this time everything is ok, BUT I need to list the vertical displacement of certain points of the line with equal timestep (because of farther postprocessing of the data in an other software). It meens  that I need to use that time step which was defined in the very dynamic load step (consequently the smallest timestep) also in other load steps. But this means that I have result data for more than 55.000 iteration substeps and the size of the result file was larger then 350 GB... I would like to save into the result file just vertical displacement of one node of my mesh with APDL commands, but I am not sure that the following code is working, because the result file size is still more than 260 GB. Please help me!

This is my command:








Thanks in advance!

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