FEM-Theory: Which method is used by Ansys?

Hello Community,

I'm sorry for asking a trivial question but i didn't find an answer in the Mechanical Theory Guide.

My question is which method is Ansys Mechanical using for solving the differential equation system. I heard about different methods based on weighted residues like galerkin-method or the ritz-method.

Thanks so far.


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    Section 2.2 in the Ansys theory reference, explains how the FE element matrices are generated (in this case "just" a virtual work principle to come up with the matrices) - then all assembled, and finally these equation systems solved for the unknown displacements). Sounds easy .

    (Now there is a lot of other things going on in the background which we are happy Ansys is doing it for us, rather than us doing it by hand - at least I am very happy that this is done by clever software like Ansys).


    The bibliography in Ansys gives also many references to standard text books in FEA which should be good and explain how all the above is done (e.g., R. D Cook, and J. Bathe).


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